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Veterinary Feed Supplement Medicine List – To ensure that your animals grow to their full potential, provide them with a balanced diet. Enhanced feed quality with organic feed supplements will improve the performance, health, welfare and growth rates of your livestock. Improved calving, digestion, reduction of pink eye and reproduction are some of the many health benefits. Pecus Healthcare is a reputed name in the veterinary industry, offering a wide range of high-quality feed supplements. The Pecus Healthcare,Veterinary Feed Supplement Medicine List, which has no side effects on people’s health, animals’ health or the environment, helps address existing deficits in key feed components.

What are Animal Feed Supplements?

When grazing quality is low, it may be necessary to feed supplement forage into the ideal diet. Some licks are specifically during the rainy season to prevent wastage. Phosphate, calcium and trace mineral mixtures are examples of feed additives that can be fed to animals grazing in wet or dry seasons. When pastures are deficient in certain minerals they increase them. Here are some advantage to add supplements to animal feed –

  • Boost Production
  • Boost the rate of conception
  • Improves Growth
  • Enhance skeletal development

Growth of the Animal Feed Supplements Market in India

The Indian animal feed supplement market is predicted to grow strongly with a CAGR of 4.82% through 2029 during the forecast period and is likely to reach USD 339.12 million by 2028. Animal feed supplements are additives or dietary components given in addition to normal feed or fodder to improve the nutritional intake and general health of animals, especially livestock and poultry. These supplements are expertly designed to meet certain dietary requirements, encourage ideal growth, increase feed efficiency and take care of any deficiencies or medical problems that may arise in the animals.

Animal feed supplements are available in a variety of forms, such as blocks, liquids, pellets or powders, to meet the needs of different types of animals. These supplements perform several important functions, including giving them additional phosphates, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other elements that may be lacking in their regular diet. Farmers can preserve the production and health of their livestock by using these supplements, resulting in higher-quality products available to consumers.

Get Veterinary Feed Supplement Medicine List At Pecus Healthcare

Pecus Healthcare offers quality feed supplements to suit all needs. We offer our buyers an exclusive range of veterinary dietary supplements that include vitamins, minerals and amino acids. All our products are formulated under the supervision of veterinary experts and are completely safe. Here Veterinary Feed Supplement Medicine List recommendations for animals:

Chelated Bonilact Forte – Chelated Bonilact Forte, provided by Pecus Healthcare, is taken by the oral route. It helps in strengthening the bones of animals and improving milk production.

Edomix – Gold – This product is given orally. Its quantity is 10 ml per day in cattle/buffalo and 5 ml per day in calves. It improves milk quantity and quality and prevents diseases like mastitis, FMD and HS.

Edomix-H Inj – Edomix-H Inj is taken by the IM route. This product cures conditions like mastitis, FMD, wounds, metritis and maintains maximum milk production.

Vitalayer-Gold – Our product provides better growth leading to better feed utilization, better metabolism, better fertility and conception rates and better health and immunity. Cows and buffaloes should be given 30-50 grams and small animals should be given 10-20 grams.

Foszac-SR Bolus – Foszac-SR Bolus is given by mouth 1 time daily for 5-7 days. Taking this can provide relief from problems like reduced milk production, stunted growth, pica, hypophosphatemia etc in your cattle.

Benefits of Choosing Pecus Healthcare as Best Feed Supplement Distributor in India

Our company offers a veterinary dietary supplement drug list, and it is available for purchase. The above products are formulated with vitamins and amino acids for poultry, small animals and cattle, and are enriched with iron, cobalt and betaine. Fodder supplements are beneficial for the health of animals. Pecus Healthcare products are made from premium raw materials that are both highly effective and safe for consumption. Some benefits of choosing Pecas Healthcare –

  • ISO-certified pharma company
  • High-quality products
  • On-time delivery of products
  • Excellent Service
  • Reasonable Price
  • Transparency in Business
  • Professional Veterinarians

To purchase veterinary feed supplements for animal health, contact Pecus Healthcare to place a large, safe, affordable and high-quality order.

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FAQs About Veterinary Feed Supplement Medicine List

Q – Who is the best veterinary feed supplement medicine distributor in India?

Pecus Healthcare is a renowned best Animal Feed Supplement pharmaceutical distributor, supplier and trader of Animal Feed Supplement in India, we ensure that the quality of feed is not compromised.

Q – What is the cost of feed supplements in India?

Animal feed supplement prices in India range from 100 to 2000 RS.