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Veterinary Intra-Uterine Medicine List  – A pregnancy-specific condition known as intrauterine growth retardation (IUGR) is a frequently occurring perinatal problem in animal breeding. Mutations in survival conditions that cause restriction of foetal growth, reduced newborn survival, permanent abnormalities and a mortality rate up to 12 times higher than normal newborns, make IUGR possible at birth. Pecus Healthcare’s Veterinary Intra-Uterine Medicine List offers effective and safe medicines for animal health or the environment that help to treat intrauterine infusions.

Pecus Healthcare is a top-certified veterinary pharma company offering a wide range of pharmaceutical solutions at affordable prices in the veterinary pharmaceutical market. We are the national leader in the marketing and distribution of high-quality veterinary medicine. The medicines provided by us include tablets, syrups, injections, and powders. Pecus Healthcare is popular for its quality Veterinary medicines. You can call us on +91 9815147456 and send us an email at 

What is Uterine Disease in Animals?

Intra-terine an infection of the entire uterus and this disease is mainly found in cows. Intra-uterine, which manifests as inflammation of the uterus of most pregnant cows, is one of the most common disorders in the postpartum period of dairy cattle. Common symptoms of endometritis are red-brown uterine discharge, normal discharge, enlarged uterus, decreased milk yield, lethargy, and rectal temperature. Some pet owners inject antibiotics directly into the vagina and uterus after delivery to treat intrauterine infections.

Benefits of Choosing Pecus Healthcare’s Veterinary Intra-Uterine Medicine List

Pecus Healthcare is a trusted and leading wholesaler and supplier of Intra-Uterine Medicine. Being a leading veterinary company we provide quality products and medicines across India. Our products are tested by certified organizations, ensuring the best safety for animals. When it comes to treating diseases like intra-uterine in animals, our Utriva-IU Bolus provides relief. Here are some benefits of using intrauterine medication for cattle offered by Pecus Healthcare –

Premium Quality Products – We use premium quality raw materials to manufacture our veterinary products which are licensed hence our medicines are of high quality.

Targeted Treatment – One of the main benefits of Pecus Healthcare’s intrathecal medicine is its ability to deliver to the affected area and provide relief as soon as possible.  

Reasonable Rates – We have almost every veterinary medicine available for you at reasonable prices, so any animal owner can easily purchase our medicines.

Availability – Our veterinary products are easily available in the market so you can easily get them from the pharma market or by contacting us online.

On-Time Delivery – We know the value of time hence we deliver our veterinary medicines on time to any location across India.

Veterinary Intra-Uterine Medicine List Offered By Pecus Healthcare

The intra-terrine medication offered by Pecus Healthcare is designed to provide pain relief and reduce inflammation in animals. Being a leading player in the veterinary sector, we provide quality medicines to our customers. We produce our products with modern machines and follow strict quality control standards to guarantee their effectiveness and safety. Our Veterinary Intra-Uterine Medicine List is available in the market under the brand name Utriva-IU Bolus. The key features of this product are as follows:

Product Structure

Each Utriva-IU Bolus medicine a powerful combination of active Ingredients:

  • Metronidazole100 mg 
  • Nitrofurazone60 mg 
  • Povidone Iodine 60 mg 
  • Urea6 gm


  • Retention of Placenta Endometritis 
  • Pyometra Uterine infections
  • Decreased milk yield
  • Enlarged uterus
  • Red-brown uterine discharge


Large Animals – Give 2-4 Bolus, If required then Repeat the treatment in 24 to 48 Hrs

Small Animals – Give 1-2 Bolus I.U, If required then Repeat the treatment in 24 to 48 Hrs


Diaraid Bolus is to be taken Intra-Uterine. 


Utriva-IU Bolus is conveniently packaged in a strip of 4 boluses, along with a glove for easy and hygienic administration

Why Choose Pecus Healthcare’s Intra-Uterine Medicine?

Pecus Healthcare is recognized as the best intrauterine drug delivery company for cattle in India. We offer the most effective medicines made from the highest formulations available for animals. Furthermore, we provide quality products whose long shelf life, and precise formulation help us win the trust of our customers. We provide various types of treatments for Intrauterine Infusion to our customers. Our Utriva-IU Bolus medicine for cattle has shown a high level of success in treating intrauterine cattle.

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Phone. no – +91 9815147456

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FAQs About Veterinary Intra-Uterine Medicine List

Who is the top supplier of Veterinary Intra-Uterine Medicine?

The top supplier of Veterinary Intra-Uterine Medicine in India is Pecus Healthcare. We never compromise the quality of our Veterinary medicines.

Which intrauterine drug is best for dairy cows?

Dairy cows have higher rates of intrauterine disease than other cattle. Utriva-IU Bolus, offered by Pecus Healthcare, is safe and effective for cows suffering from endometrial disease.